Cookie Raves

Blue Chip Cookie High Profile “Sweet Raves”

 “But in the end, I found that some of the best cookies were the ones that you might think of first:  the big, fancy cookies from Blue Chip Cookies !
Blue Chip Cookies chocolate chip,The Best All Around Cookie in Cincinnati!”
Polly Campbell, The Secret Shopper for Cincinnati Enquirer

“Best Cookie I Have Ever Tasted” –Clint Eastwood

“Best All Round Chocolate Chip Cookie in Cincinnati”Cincinnati Enquirer

“Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Cincinnati”  Cincinnati Magazine

 “Best Cookies in the Bay Area”   –San Francisco Focus Magazine

“Best Cookies in San Diego”   –Taste Test—ABC Channel 10

“Best Cookies in Texas” – Texas Monthly

“Simply Fantastic” –Neil Cavuto, Fox Business

“The Company’s Phone Number, 1.800.888.YUMM, Lives Up to its Promise”
The Nibble Magazine

“The trouble with most chocolate chip cookies nowadays is their texture (dried out) and their chip count (not enough of ‘em!). Blue Chip bakes top-quality cookies that are as light and chewy as your grandma’s — you can just taste the butter, vanilla, and brown sugar — and every bite is packed with chunks of excellent, endorphin-producing chocolate. There are 12 variations on this simple artwork — the chocolate chip-walnut is damnably good — but unless you’re enamored of coconut, macadamia nuts, peanut butter, or cranberries, why mess with perfection?”
Best Cookies published: May 23, 2001

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