best business and corporate cookie gifts shipped
Excellent Corporate Holiday Cookie Gifts
Excellent Corporate Holiday Cookie Gifts

Best business and corporate cookie gifts shipped

Since 1983, Blue Chip Cookies has been delivering our gourmet cookie gifts to business leaders across the country. An exceptional cookie, never duplicated, in combination with personalized focus customer service is Blue Chip’s signature.  We have been shipping our cookies for over 30 years, across the country, one of the first mail order companies.  As the internet has evolved, so has Blue Chip Cookies. Delivering excellence is our core mission.  Being one of the best business and corporate cookie gifts shipped is the Blue Chip way!

We believe that we are in the marketing and relationship building business.  Our goal is  to make you look awesome to your customers, clients, employees, and potential customers.  Our focus is not just at the Holidays but all year with special initiatives for sensory marketing, employee recognition, client thank you gifts, closing gifts and more.  The best business and corporate cookie gifts shipped is just not once a year, but all year long.


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Best Business and Corporate Cookie Gifts Shipped All Year Round. Best Business and Corporate Holiday Cookie Gifts


What Make Blue Chip Cookies the best business and corporate cookie gifts shipped

The picture above tells part of the story, but we have stayed true to our heritage,  no preservatives, no trans fats, only the finest ingredients: real sweet and salted butter, pure vanilla (not the imitation), and only the best chocolate, Guittard, macadamia nuts flown in from Hawaii off the farm, Ahualoa Farms, special flour, and our secret ingredient packet.  Each cookie is hand mixed, scooped, and baked to specification.

To be the “Best Cookies delivered and Corporate Cookie Gifts Shipped,” all the little things matter!  Each cookie is packaged in a proprietary bag to seal in the freshness.  FEDEX/Periship is our primary shipper to ensure the cookies are delivered on time and in excellent condition.  Our goal is to deliver your cookies to your destination within 2 business days.


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Best business and corporate cookies shipped. Best online cookies.SWEET…You are checking Blue Chip out!

We won’t let you down.  Our promise: Best Business and Corporate Cookies Shipped, Delivered or Picked-Up. Our specialty is working with companies and organizations to deliver unique corporate gifts and marketing initiatives that create a one of  kind experience people don’t forget! (Sensory marketing). Customer thank you gifts, marketing initiatives, trade shows, sales blitzes, employee recognition, closing gifts or something else…we will deliver on our promise.

Question #1:  What is the purpose for your company cookie initiative?

Our purpose is to create the best “recipe for excellence” for you and your organization and to continue our tradition of “best business and corporate cookie gifts shipped.”

Best online cookiesTiming is Everything…What is your timing on your cookie order to be shipped, delivered or be picked up?

  • Do you want your cookie gifts to arrive to your customers during a certain week?
  • Employee or client birthdays all through the year?
  • Is this for a trade show that you need the cookies delivered to a conference center on a certain day?
  • Are you planning a marketing initiative that you want your sales people to follow up on?

 Question #2:  When do you need your cookies shipped or picked up?

In a recipe for excellence “time” is one of the most important factors.  Blue Chip Cookies has a team that will time it just right…bake from scratch and deliver to your destinations based on your specifications or have it ready for you at the local store for pick up.

Budget:  Every initiative has a budget and connected to this budget is the vision of what will be delivered for that investment.  

Best business and corporate holiday cookie gifts shipped and delivered means not only incredible cookies…but great packaging, superb customer service, and unique options for any organization’s budget.

Our Corporate Cookie Team is made up of individuals with experience from top corporate companies, we understand what you need to make a good decision.

 Question #3:  What do you envision for your the investment!

We are flexible to meet your budget!  We don’t use a cookie cutter approach to your needs.

Best Customized Cookie GiftsCustomize…We not only work within your budget, but we customize with your logo on our special designs.

Minimum is 60 dozen per year.  We create a “cookie slot for your company” and all you have to do is just send us the orders we take care of the rest.  In addition, what makes us special is that we customize to your priorities by offering a variety of sizes, products, tins, boxes, package customization and over 25+ cookie flavors to choose from.

*We believe tins are nice, and we offer them, but we would rather you more send cookies vs. a tin.  So would your client.  We can customize with a company logo sticker for you! You provide it, we sticker it at no cost.

Question #4- How can we customize your order to make it unique?

We can customize every aspect of the cookie experience: your box by making a belly band;  the cookie assortment with over 25 flavors to choose from; insert cards, your cards and marketing material, your company logo sticker on a tin, and so much more.  We think out of the box with ideas that are unique to you.


Each customer is assigned their personal cookie coach to work with you to ensure excellence is delivered and we exceed your expectations to meet the promise of being the best corporate and business cookies shipped anywhere in the USA.

No question on this step, it is all about “baking up a strategy” together that results in delivering the best cookie experience!

Make It Happen!

“Awesome customer service, you are the best when it comes to delivering on time, great product and customer focused!”   Vice President of Morgan Stanley

“But in the end, I found that some of the best cookies were the ones that you might think of first:  the big, fancy cookies from Blue Chip Cookies!  Blue Chip Cookies chocolate chip,  The Best All Around Cookie in Cincinnati!”  Polly Campbell, Cincinnati Enquirer

“Donna and her team at Blue Chip Cookies made our holiday gifting so easy! They offer a high quality product in a presentation that suggests personal attention has been given to each and every package. Blue Chip went above and beyond to ensure our branding was represented to our complete satisfaction. Cookies were delivered fresh and on schedule, and our customers and team members thoroughly enjoyed being gifted such a SWEET treat!” Globe Food Equipment Co.,

“We have used Blue Chip Cookies for our annual corporate gift for several years. Blue Chip is always willing and able to work with us on our varying needs. They ensure the presentation is always professional. The clients always love getting them.”  Silvercrest Financial.

“You guys are awesome, thanks for making this so easy.”  Assent Compliance

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