Best Mail-Order CookiesBest mail order gourmet cookie gifts online

best mail order gourmet cookie gifts online

Family Review Center has awarded Blue Chip Cookies the Family Review Center Gold Award for Excellence, Best mail order gourmet cookie gifts online because of excellence in value: “to those who have products that are exemplary and meet a need above and beyond what one would expect.”


OMGoodness!! This!!!

Folks. These were SOoooo Good! Freshly made as they ship them out, the freshness was still there in all it’s glory when they arrived and the office staff enjoyed (also known as DEVOURED) them!

These tins are great for any occasion, or for no occasion at all. You choose the tin you want to have sent, you also choose the cookies you want added to the tin. There is a long list of choices and by the sampling we have had of three flavors, I do not think you will be able to make a wrong choice. Once you place the order, they make the cookies, package them and ship the day they are made. They stay fresh for over a week, so they will be ready to enjoy as soon as they arrive.

These tins are awesome, but definitely not all they offer at their website. Stop by and see what all they offer and choose the ones you want now and remember them for when you need those special gifts later as well. If you are a business owner, think of placing one of these Thank You tins on your counter in front, to thank your guests for their patronage. They will love you, and they will be back for more.

The rich flavors come forward with every bite you take, the texture is divine and their recipe is to die for. These are cookies that go back to grandma’s kitchen and remind you of sitting down with a glass of milk. A taste of heaven, in every single bite you take.