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The Blue Chip Story

“Best Cookies in the Country” has been the motto since 1983.  Right from the beginning, it was obvious that Blue Chip Cookies was not going to be just another cookie store. The first store was opened by Matt and Lori Nader on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf in March 1983, 40 years ago.


The First Blue Cookie Store in 1983

The public immediately fell in love with the aroma and taste of these unique gourmet cookies, making it instantly one of the most memorable cookie experiences for many. Within the first year, Blue Chip Cookies were named: “Best Cookie in San Francisco and Bay Area” by San Francisco Bay Guardian, and Inc. Magazine said, “Maybe the best cookie ever made.”  The awards and reviews kept coming in waves across the country and they still do.

Fun Fact

Blue Chip Cookie’s signature cookie the “White Chocolate Macadamia” used Guittard white chocolate bars that were chopped up. It was very labor intensive.

Guittard Chocolate in the early 1980s seeing how popular the Blue Chip Cookie had become created a “white chocolate chip” just for Blue Chip Cookies.  Later they expanded the offering to nationally. We still use Guittard chocolates to this day.  We feel only the best chocolate goes into the best cookie.

Blue Chip Cookies Create Your Own Assortment
bluechip logo
Fun Fact

The Blue Chip Cookies’ logo was created by the original owners based on the three concepts surrounding the phrase “Blue Chip.”

Concept 1

The word “Blue Chip” is a company with a national reputation for the highest quality, reliability, and the ability to operate profitably in good and bad times. Merriam-webster.com

Concept 2

The term ‘blue chip’ was first used to describe high-priced stocks in 1923 when Oliver Gingold, an employee at Dow Jones, observed certain stocks trading at $200 or more per share. Poker players bet in blue, white, and red chips with the blue chips having more value than both red and white chips. Today, blue chip stocks don’t necessarily refer to stocks with a high price tag, but more accurately to stocks of high-quality companies that have withstood the test of time. Investopedia

Concept 3

Blue Chip AdJ: having outstanding or exemplary qualities within a specified category; leading:a group of blue-chip scientists; blue-chip stock. Dictionary.com

Our History

In 2005, Donna Drury-Heine and Bob Heine purchased the Blue Chip Cookie Company.  They are the third owners, now owning the business for almost 18 years, as the company is celebrating its 40th Birthday in March 2023.

Known for excellence in fresh baked gourmet cookie delivery and corporate cookie gifts.

Blue Chip Cookies Turns the Big 40!

The Blue Chip Cookie Company is celebrating our 40th Anniversary throughout 2023. Four decades ago, on March 16th, the first Blue Chip Cookies Store opened its doors to the public in San Francisco on Fisherman’s Wharf. They featured 15 gourmet flavors, including the first-ever White Chocolate Macadamia and unique flavors like the Black & White. The favorite, of course, is the award-winning Chocolate Chip Cookie made with Guittard Semi-Sweet Chocolate back then and still to this day! Blue Chip features over 40 flavors throughout the year, including 25+ flavors daily online and a spotlighting “Cookie of the Month!”

Donna Drury, Owner and Chief Cookie Officer, commented, “When we purchased Blue Chip Cookies, there was one reason we decided to go for it! It was the best cookie we had ever tasted. Also, we loved the name! We know cookie companies come and go, and to make it to this 40-year milestone is amazing. When thousands of customers repeatedly tell us, ‘best cookie ever,’ you know you have something special. We have stayed true to every part of the recipe since we purchased the entire company in 2005, almost 19 years ago. Over ten cities have awarded Blue Chip with ‘All Around Best Cookie” over the past 40 years. On to the next decade and another generation of Blue Chippers; the best is yet to come!”

Blue Chip Cookies currently has two stores in the Cincinnati area (Milford, OH and Newport, KY) and 6 in the Kansas City area (Leawood, KS-over 25 years and 5 Daylight Donuts) and planning to open a new store in Sherman, Texas, this spring. All store owners are certified licensees, requiring five days of training with the Blue Chip Cookies Team.

Bob Heine, Owner and Director of Business Development, shares, “We moved to a licensing model from a franchising model because store owners need more flexibility in the marketplace. We also want to be creative and offer the opportunity to serve Blue Chip Cookies in various venues, both big and small, at a lower cost of entry. There are endless possibilities, but each must demonstrate the same commitment to excellence. We aim to grow the Blue Chip Cookie Brand online and, on the ground, but we will never stray from our recipe.”

The most significant growth for Blue Chip has been its corporate program and online store called www.bluechipcookiesdirect.com. in which the cookies are shipped anywhere in the country to homes and businesses. One mortgage company shared recently, “Blue Chip Cookies is the sweet spot for our lead generation! Our closing rate has gone up 40% by using their cookies.”

Donna Drury commented recently, “Our business model is sampling- if you try them, you love them, and then you buy them. Our everyday customers love this 40-year-old and watch out; we are now entering our prime! We always say we don’t have egos, but our cookies do!”

The Blue Chip Cookie Company’s Core Philosophy!

Our Purpose

We are in the business of delivering happiness through gourmet cookies. We measure our success by the number of customers we provide the Blue Chip “Sweet” Experience. The “Sweet” Experience is when someone tastes our gourmet cookies, cookie cakes, and a smile of happiness come to their face instantly because they are experiencing “the best cookie ever!” The “Sweet” Experience is also the warmth of the atmosphere we create in our locations and online; and the continued excellence of being the best gourmet cookies in the country, be we think the world. Known for our customer service and the festive and kind spirit we deliver to our customers. We realize our success when we make a difference in the community we serve and when our customers return to us, month after month, year after year, decade after decade.

Our Motto

Life is Sweet, Enjoy Every Morsel

Our Belief

We make a difference one person at a time, one family at a time, one business at a time, and one community by baking and serving the best gourmet cookies in the world.  We are the “small giant” of the cookie and cookie cake industry and want everyone to know we promise to maintain the excellence of our cookie for generations to come.  The little things do matter!

Fun Fact

December 4th each year sweet-toothed lovers of cookies celebrate a little-known but much-loved national holiday: National Cookie Day. This special day was founded in 1987 by the Blue Chip Cookie Company. The day exists for all of us to indulge and enjoy cookies, however, we Americans love our cookies everyday.  Studies say cookies are consumed in 90% of households, which indicates each person in the U.S. probably consumes approximately 300-350 cookies each year.  The word ‘cookie’ derives from the Dutch word ‘keokje,’ meaning little cake, Blue Chip Cookies is exactly that, a little cookie cake that you can celebrate with for any occasion!

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