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Blue Chip Cookies Licensing & Distribution Program

In 2014 we transitioned from a Gourmet Cookie Franchise model to a Gourmet Cookie Licensing model to be more flexible, creative, market-focused, and provide a better opportunity for our current cookie franchisees to make more money and expand their businesses.  We also want to provide future licensees with a low-cost entry into the world of gourmet cookies that would be easy to implement and add a new product line to their current or future offerings.

  1. Current Independent Retailers: To expand current offering with a fabulous gourmet cookie. (Example: Ice Cream Stores, Coffee Shops, Donut Shop, Cupcakes, other gourmet outlets.)
  2. Franchisors: Provide additional product offering to their franchisees.
  3. Larger Retailers:  Offer great cookies in their current bakery.
  4. Unique Channels: Offer their customers, membership a unique product for their unique venue, such as museums, event venues, kiosks, gourmet dessert trucks, and other unique ideas models.
  5. Entrepreneurs:  Wanting to open a new store featuring gourmet cookies and other gourmet sweets.

Our Blue Chip Cookies’ licensing and distribution program is simple to affordable, easy to execute, and profitable.