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Refund & Return Policy

At Blue Chip Cookies Direct, we will do everything possible to create a “sweet experience” for you. We will review each customer’s “cookie case” with fresh eyes and consider appropriate steps based on the customer information provided. Due to the perishable nature of our products, all sales are final, and we do not refund or take any returns.

If there is an issue with your order once, please send us pictures by email within two days of delivery to [email protected].  Provide photos of all the cookies in their original packaging, including the gift box and shipping box.  Ensure pictures of the cookie bags show the label facing up and the cookie flavor’s white label visible.

We recommend you eat your cookies/treats within two days of receipt or freeze them due to no preservatives and real butter for future cravings. Make it a SWEET Experience.

If we do not have a flavor that you selected on the day of shipping, we will substitute with a flavor that is close or add another flavor you have already chosen.  If it is two or more flavors we cannot bake that day, we will email you or call you to see if you would like to replace the flavors or hold until the flavors are baked.

Shipping Policy

Our Core Shipping Days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. We will ship on Fridays and Saturdays during peak holiday times, one-day transit, or for corporate customer initiatives using USPS Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, and UPS Ground/Air/Overnight.

Our facility is closed on Thursday.

Please note: If one of the flavors is out of stock our policy is that we can substitute with 1 flavor that is closest to that flavor.  Two or more we will call the customer or email asking if they would like to substitute or hold until we are able to bake the flavor.

All our systems and pricing focus on delivery in 1-3 business days by USPS Priority Mail and UPS. **We reserve the right to change the service ship date and carrier based on meeting our delivery guidelines for freshness.

We do not require a recipient’s signature when delivering; if you want this service, please write “signature required” in the comments box during checkout, this is additional cost based on carrier.  Typically signatures delay delivery unless an individual is there to receive at residential addresses.

We provide you a tracking number to ensure you can track your package and communicate with the recipient when the package is delivered.

Please ensure all shipping information is correct and includes suite numbers, unit numbers, floors. Incorrect addresses or incomplete addresses could cause delays and might result in additional costs or delivery not being made to correct address.  Blue Chip Cookies is not responsible for any shipment delivery if information is incomplete at the time of submission.  We will do everything we can to ensure the information is correct if we notice an issue might arise.

An email with a tracking number will be sent to you when your “Cookie Order” is printed out and in the preparation phase.  Typically, 24 hours prior to the actual shipping.  You can track your cookie box travels by clicking on the tracking number, which lets you know when your package is on the way and scanned at each transit point.

If you are shipping to a business, we recommend you do so on a Monday or Tuesday to prevent packages from sitting at the company over the weekend.

Please understand certain shipping situations; we cannot be held responsible.  Examples include:

  • Incorrect/wrong addresses (Additional charges will apply.)
  • UPS or USPS Operational Issues
  • Apartment complexes with no access or limited area to leave packages.
  • Bad weather: storms, snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods.
  • National or State Emergencies: Pandemics, Earthquakes, Fires, Accidents.
  • Holiday Peaks can delay your shipment up to 5 days.
  • No suite or apartment number, or incorrect.
  • Rural locations that extend travel
  • Recipients not at the site, they moved, no longer at a company.
  • Packages delivered and theft occurs.
  • Forwarding of packages due to recipient moved.
  • City apartments or condos that have a bellman or receiving department.
  • The business closed for a holiday or permanently.
  • Military addresses that are not correct.
  • Company pick-up of mail from Maildrop vs. direct delivery
  • Delay in eating cookies upon receipt and not following the instructions on the packing slip.
  • The recipient is out of town, has mail-room delays (offices, universities, hospitals), and if the recipient is unaware of a gift arriving.
  • We will ship internationally, based on customs. The customer takes this risk of shipping internationally or to military locations.  Please send an email to [email protected]
  • Our cookies are packaged to stay fresh up to 6 days from shipping and if put in the freezer immediately can last up to 6 months.

In order to prevent situations from arising Blue Chip Direct recommends the following:

  • Track your packages and although it is nice for recipients to be surprised, call them within 2 hours of delivery if you have not heard from them!
  • If you find that your recipient is out of town, ask the recipient to have a neighbor put them in their freezer until they return.
  • Send us and email asking to delay shipping, we will make this happen immediately.
  • Sign up for USPS or UPS Notification Program.
  • Ship early in the week.