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Without our customer, we don’t exist, the cookie crumbles!  We are a small business with a lot of heart.  Our customers are special to us, and we try to deliver the “SWEET EXPERIENCE!”

The best way to contact us if you have any questions or want to place a large order is via email at [email protected]  All Blue Chip Cookies Team members look at this email ongoing through the day.  One of us tries to get back to our customer within 1-2 hours, maximum is 1 business day. If you have an urgent request or question, you can text 513.518.5681.

We check our phone messages after 3 pm.  Our hours of customer service operation are Monday-Friday from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  Over the weekend the owners, Bob and Donna are checking email typically once a day.

If you have a concern about your cookie gift/package, please email us at [email protected] and review our Refund, Return, and Shipping Policy for information we will request.

Our policy is all sales are final and refunds are limited due to perishable nature of the cookies.  Obviously, we want to ensure a great experience, but please know some things are out of our control.

You can send Blue Chip Cookies to multiple addresses in a single transaction.  We recommend doing no more than 5 at a time.  If you are sending to 15 different addresses, please contact us and we will send you us excel order form. if using mobile device, we suggest just 3 at a time.

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1. Simply add multiple gifts into your cart. After adding the items to your cart, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

2. In the “Checkout Screen” fill out your “Billing Details” and then under “Shipping Details.”  If you are sending to multiple addresses, click the “Shipping Address Type” box “Multiple Addresses.”

This will take you to a separate page where you need to input all your names and addresses you will be using.  Once you save these, ensure that your split up the cart products to the right numbers.  You need to be signed up with an account in order to do this.  Guests with no accounts do not have capability to send multiple orders.

Assign addresses to each of the products on the right side and then click the button “Save Selections.”  This will take you back to the “Checkout” Page.

Then put your “Order Notes” which is optional.

Proceed to the right hand of the page to finalize each order with preferred shipping date, and individual gift message.  If same message just “copy and paste” from Ship 1, into Ship 2, Ship 3, Ship 4 etc… the gift message boxes.

We recommend doing 5 addresses at a time.  The key is to put all the addresses in first.  If you have more than 15 addresses, we recommend filling out a spreadsheet.  This can be found under Corporate Gifts.

Go to our Corporate Orders Page to review the catalog.  Send an email to [email protected] and we will send you the order form and excel spreadsheet to fill in with addresses.  That easy!

Our policy is that we do not take orders over the phone, but if you are having difficulty placing an order, please send us an email on the issue and we will try to accommodate using email.  From 9 am to 3 pm, we are mixing, scooping, baking, packing, and shipping.  We don’t have a dedicated team member to answer phone calls. The best way to reach us is email, as we can do this throughout the day and check when we are in between tasks.

Our gourmet cookies have no preservatives, so we package them in very thick poly bags and seal them with minimal air inside the bag.  Exposure to air is what dries a cookie out.

We package most of the cookies in a second bag, a gift box, and a shipping box with crinkle paper, minimizing air in the box. They are packaged to be delicious and fresh when arriving after 1-2 days in transit. We recommend you eat your cookies within 2 days of receipt or freeze in their bags, up to 6 months. The sugar cookies last up to 7 days in their bags without freezing, from the day of baking, and the brown sugar cookies (Chocolate Chip), typically last 5 days.

If you were to buy in a retail store, not in a sealed bag, the cookies last 24 hours because of the air exposure. By sealing in a bag, we actually get longer shelf life.

We do not sell our cookie dough as the baking process is part of our secret recipe and only certified and trained licensees have access to our recipe and ingredients.

Yes, you can freeze our cookies! Leave them in the original bags we ship them to you in and put them in a Ziplock too for extra protection.  The key is to ensure the bags are not torn or punctured, which lets air in.  We recommend only freezing up to 6 months, but our studies have shown they can stay in freezer up to 12 months and still taste fresh upon thawing.

Our customers can cancel at any time, up to the ship date.  Once the order is baked, packaged and labeled the sale is final.

We have tested up to 2 years in the freezer, if the cookies stay sealed in our Blue Chip Bags, assuming the bag is not ripped or the cookies are not exposed to air, they taste fantastic. We recommend eating within 6 months, but as long as frozen and in their bags, they maintain freshness and deliciousness.

We use only Kosher ingredients, but as a small business, the cost is high to have the official certification done annually on our facility.  We continue to look at this opportunity for the future.

Yes, in 2022 we created both a sugar and chocolate chip semi-sweet gluten free cookie.  They are available in any box or tin in which you create your own assortment.  We can also do variations of both cookies, as long as the other ingredients are gluten free.  More to come, or feel free to make a special request.

Nut Allergy Notice: Due to our baking and handling process, all of our products and team of bakers come into contact with tree nuts or nut oils. Please be aware of this if you have any allergic reaction to these products.

SOY can be found in some cookie flavors because it is in the specialty ingredients.

Simply go to the “My Way Assortment.” You can select up to 7 flavors and then select the Thank You Box.  We also have other products that are created by the customer to include:

MyWay Assortment in a box-14 Cookies, 7 flavors
Sweet 16 Tin-16 Cookies, 8 flavors
The Deluxe-36 Cookies, 18 flavors
Excellent Eight-8 Cookies, 4 flavors

10 inch-8 servings
13 inch-14 servings
1/2 Sheet-30 servings

Although we have over 35 cookie variation we have found that the nutritional values are very similar for our all cookies, with exception of iced cookies.

Overall Nutritional Values
Calories 270 Calories from Fat 110
% Daily Value
Total Fat 12g 18%
Saturated Fat 7g 35%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 35mg 12%
Sodium 270mg 11%
Total Carbohydrate 37g 12%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 23g
Protein 3g

Please visit our main site and look at nutritional values in the footer.

Our strategy is now only licensing. We will do Master Licensing Agreements in the USA for regions and in some cases single retail location. We also will do master licensing internationally by country. If interested send email to [email protected]

We actually have over 40 varieties and we add cookies flavors all the time. If you have an idea, let us know.  If you purchase or view the My Way Assortment there is description of each cookie.

As you know, Blue Chip Cookies has more than 40 different cookies, and we have endless amounts of variation for those cookies. However, our cookies are made with two basic types of dough:

Our basic brown sugar dough, which is for most of our cookies with the exception of our sugar cookies.

BLUE CHIP BASIC COOKIE DOUGH: Enriched wheat flour bleached (flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), molasses, sugar, butter (pasteurized cream and salt), eggs, baking soda, salt, natural vanilla extract.

Sugar Cookie Dough: No molasses or vanilla extract.

Click Here for and Overview of Ingredients for Top Cookie Flavors

Yes, with lead time we will do that for customers.  There are additional costs due to labor and cost of the bags.

Yes…they are now available after many requests.

Yes, just send us and email and we will let you know.  It depends on lead time, how many, and also if ingredients are readily available.

Unfortunately, there is more than just the dough that makes a Blue Chip Cookies. It is the secret recipe and also the type of oven we use. In addition, we have agreements with our licensees and the online business that the only way consumers can have our cookies is through visiting our stores or buying online. We hope to one day have more stores in the future…in the meantime, if you purchase online, we recommend putting them in the oven preheated to 280 for about 3 minutes.  We don’t recommend microwaving, but if you do put on for 8 seconds increments after thawing.

Unfortunately, that was the decision of the franchise owner that decided in 2006 to shut their doors in SF. We are trying to re-enter California by finding store owners that want to bake and sell our cookies through a licensing program vs. franchising. If you know anyone that wants to open a cookie, coffee, ice cream shop let us know.

Yes…we follow the exact recipe to the very specification.  We use the same flour, same Guittard Chocolate, same Cane Sugar.  The only difference is that the cookies are bigger.  In the 80s, 90s they were 1.6 ounces, now they are 2 ounces, and they used to be sold by the pound, now they are sold by the cookie.

Yes, we do…you can order them by 14 Cookies when you order the My Way, Deluxe Box, or the Sweet 16 Tin.

We sell in 8, 14, 36 and 40 cookie increments. If you want some special send us an email and we can see what we can do.

We don’t have a sugar free cookie and have decided not to pursue it, as the demand is low and many of our customers tell us that they control their sugar based on moderation and nutritional values.

If you are watching your sugar and carbs, please check out the nutritional values of our cookies.

We use USPS Priority Mail, USPS First Class Package (Cookie Cards) and FedEx Express/Ground/Home Delivery.  Depending on the destination the prices vary based on weight and zip code.  On average FedEx 14 cookies in a box, 2-day delivery, is $14.50

We are not in California anymore, but we hope to return to the area through our licensing program. At this time we have 3 locations, plus our online business. In addition, we are opening a store in Bogota, Colombia.