Chocolate Peppermint Crunch

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Chocolate Peppermint Crunch

This is a twist on our Triple Chocolate Cookie.  We have 3 types of chocolate to include: Guittard Oban, Milk Chocolate and Semi-Sweet.  Then we add a twist to this iconic cookie flavor and dip it in crushed candy cane pieces.  This creates the WOW effect that will become a tradition for the future Blue Chip generations.

Quote: “Wow this is one incredible cookie; I can’t eat just one.”  Dave D-Loveland, OH


Our 2023 HOLIDAY cookie is Chocolate Peppermint Crunch.  This incredible cookie will become the seasonal favorite.   A perfect combination of Guittard’s milk, semi-sweet, and Oban chocolates together in a unique cookie, that is scooped and then we dip it into crushed candy cane peppermint pieces to give it a holiday crunch that is simply delightful and yes addictive for the chocolate lovers among us.

TIP: If sending to multiple addresses, we recommend this be done on a Desktop or Laptop versus Tablet or Mobile Devices.  In addition, in order to store addresses you must register for an account with Blue Chip Cookies Direct and add all your addresses first to your address book through “My Account.” You can add addresses also during checkout when you are asked “Single Address” or “Multiple Addresses.”

Add all the products you want to buy to the shopping cart.  You will assign the address to the products later.
Example: You want to send 3 Premium Portfolios to 3 clients…put “3” in your shopping cart.

During checkout after you put in your billing information you will see Shipping to “Single Address” or “Multiple Addresses.” Select “Multiple Addresses.” It will automatically take you back to the shopping cart, so you configure your packages.  What products do you want to put in each box, and where do you want to send each box.

If you have not created an account and put addresses in already, you can do it now by going to the top of the page and you will see “Add Addresses.”  Be sure to save the addresses once all are in your address book.  If you put addresses in already or we uploaded your address book for you, go to Step 4.

“Split” your products into packages you want to send. Example, you want to split 3 Premium Portfolios to three “1” for three addresses.  You would need to split until you see the configuration you want.  Think about how you want to bundle them in a box to send.

Once you begin “Splitting” A column will appear on the right side where you can assign an address to each of these products. If you have two different products going to the same address, just assign that address to each product.  The system will bundle them.

THEN SAVE, bottom left, once you are done.  It will take you back to the Checkout Page to personalize each gift and preferred delivery dates.  We recommend only doing 5 at a time during one transaction, more is possible, just can get too large to see on screen.