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Sweet Greetings

To qualify for Blue Chip Cookies Corporate Pricing, an order must be $1500 or 20 addresses.

Use the current coupon highlighted online across the top of our site to receive a discount if you are not placing a corporate order exceeding $1500.

If you want to send 19 gifts or less we recommend you place your orders online using our Multiple Addresses feature.

If you are want to send 20 or more gifts, please download our excel for and fill in and email it to us.

If using the multiple addresses feature, we recommend this be done on a Desktop or Laptop versus Tablet or Mobile Devices. Easier to see. In addition, you must register for an account with Blue Chip Cookies Direct to create your address book.

Tip: Add all your addresses first to your address book through “My Account.” Then add the products and total number you want to send into your shopping cart. Example, 10 Sweet Treats. During checkout, you will select “Multiple addresses,” and it will take you to a page where you will keep “splitting” the Sweet Treat products so there are ten “1s” and then assign addresses. If you prefer, you can also add addresses on this page before splitting. We recommend only do  ten at a time during one transaction; more is possible. Once completed and saved, checkout to personalize each gift and preferred delivery dates.

Step One

Choose Your Corporate Cookie Gift – Review and Download Current Catalog.
In addition, download the Corporate Order Form.  Fill out TAB 1 at a minimum.

Step Two

Email the Blue Chip Cookies Corporate Team any questions at [email protected].  If ready, send Corporate Order Form and Addresses (Tab 2) by email.  If you are not ready with addresses, no worries just attach the Order Form with just Tab 1 filled out, we can finalize addresses later.

Step Three

The Blue Chip Cookies Direct Team will respond to your questions and requests within one business day and provide any other information that will assist you.

That’s all!

We finalize all the little details and make it happen for you!

Below are the top gifts for corporate cookie orders online.

Thank you for your interest in using Blue Chip Cookies for your corporate inititiaves!

Sweet Greetings,

Over the last 40 years, I have had the great opportunity to work with a Blue Chip company, Procter & Gamble, as a Sales Executive and Human Resource Director for 20 years (1982-2002) and then in 2002-present owning Blue Chip Cookies and being an HR & Organizational Development Consultant. I have learned the magic of gourmet cookies; they can open doors and foster wonderful connections to include increasing employee engagement, improving customer retention, client appreciation, and the power of the cookie in lead generation. This is why our focus is on business and corporate gifting and why we believe we provide the best experience to our customers.

We specialize in business cookie gifts throughout the year and the holidays! This includes holiday cookie gifts, thank you cookie boxes, cookie gift tins, cookie gift baskets, client appreciation cookies, employee recognition, birthday cookie cards, lead generation with cookies, meeting cookie favors and marketing with cookies.  We have great ideas that we can customize at an affordable price that will make a difference in delivering the “WOW” to you recipients.

Please just scroll through the presentation that outlines our corporate program and know we understand the business reasons WHY you want to send cookies to recognize, reward and thank your customers, clients, employees, vendors, affiliates and colleagues with customized corporate gifts!

Our cookies are gourmet, made with finest ingredients.  We receive rave reviews on our ability to deliver a creative and cost-effective solution to meet your business needs. Whether a marketing tool or gift, we will exceed your expectations, customization does not have to be costly. We can package in many ways and create a personalized gift.  You tell us what you want, and we will figure it out with you!

Please send an email to me personally, [email protected] to jumpstart your corporate cookie program-employee recognition, client appreciation, virtual cookie breaks, meeting favors, marketing with cookies and more. I look forward to talking to you and making a difference to your organization.

Make it a Sweet Day,

Donna Drury, Chief Cookie Officer

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Please Note:
Our cookies have no preservatives, so upon receipt we recommend you eat your cookies within 2 days or FREEZE them right in the special bags they come in (do not refrigerate.) Yes, we make our cookies from scratch, the old-fashioned way and scoop them to perfection.

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