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Gallup and Workhuman recently shared a joint study called “Unleashing the Human Element at Work | Transforming Workplaces Through Recognition.” Their executive summary clearly states the business opportunity as outlined below.

Executive Summary
Globally, organizations are facing a monumental transition in the world of work, which is bound to have a lasting impact. The nature and context of work are changing, and employees’ needs are also shifting. Only one in four employees strongly agree they feel connected to their culture, and only about one in three strongly agree they belong at their organization. To build the right workforce for the future and leverage its capabilities,
leaders must take a human-centered approach to build their employee experience and employer brand. It starts by demonstrating to employees they are valued by recognizing their contributions.

What struck me as an Employee Engagement and Human Resource Expert were these key findings from the Gallup/Workhuman study:

  • Many organizations are missing out on the benefits of recognition by not investing in or prioritizing it.
  • Eighty-one percent of leaders say recognition is not a major strategic priority for their organization.
  • Nearly two in three leaders say their organization does not have a budget allocated to recognition.
  • Creating a culture of recognition can save a 10,000-employee company up to $16.1 million in turnover
    costs annually.

But when recognition hits the mark, this is where productivity skyrockets because employees are:

  • 73% less likely to “always” or “very often” feel burned out
  • 56% less likely to be looking or watching for job opportunities 4
  • 44% more likely to be “thriving” in their life overall
  • 5x as likely to feel connected to their culture
  • 4x as likely to be engaged
  • 5x as possible to see a path to grow at their organization
  • 4x as likely to recommend their organization to friends and family


The key findings were fascinating, and I highly recommend downloading the entire report. Click Here to Download

So why am I blogging about this? Because if you are reading this, employee engagement starts right from the beginning. From the moment you post a job, hire, onboard, develop, grow, promote a person, and more. It is recognizing the individual for all that they do. What Is “Recognition,” and when should it be given? Many ask me. Recognition, based on my 40-year career, refers to acknowledging and expressing gratitude to employees for who they are
and what they do for you, contractors, and vendors. It involves taking time to thank them, credit them for good ideas and innovation, and acknowledge their accomplishments. It is about being inclusive and thoughtful. Recognition often focuses on “the work,” but the real scoop..; the award should focus on anniversaries, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and the “Employee Engagement Journey! It is incredible the appreciation from employees for these special moments. It does not have to be flashy or expensive. It could be as simple as a handwritten card and a cookie. A small gesture celebrates employees’ accomplishments while sending important messages about the value placed on progress and continued commitment and loyalty.

Organizations can send an even more powerful message by celebrating the human side of the enterprise by sending birthday gifts, weddings, and births;

The Fab Fourorganizations show they care about employees as people. In the Gallup Work Human report, approximately a quarter (23%) of employees strongly agree their organization has a system for recognizing these types of events. However, only 15% of employees strongly agree that their organization plans to acknowledge life events. The Gallup/Workhuman Study findings were if When an employer recognizes life events and work milestones, employees are …

  • 3X as likely to strongly agree that they feel connected to culture
  • 3X as likely to strongly agree their organization cares about their wellbeing
  • 30%+ more likely to say they plan to be at their organization in five years

The report has a ton of information, so download the news and think about a simple way to start a program at your company. Start at the very beginning. Here are ten ways to use Blue Chip Cookies at your organization.

  1. New Hires-Welcome Box of Cookies sent to their home for the family to enjoy too!
  2. During the onboarding, ask the employee for their favorite cookie and put that in the HR database…on Birthdays, send a two or 4-pack of cookies for Happy Birthday Month.
  3. Send 2, 4, 6, and 8 cookies with Thank You for significant achievements or new Ideas.
  4. For every year of employment, send that many cookies.
  5. Baby births, wedding anniversaries, and other occasions.
  6. Create a customized box for Holidays Season, Valentine’s Day.
  7. Give them points to buy cookies all year round.
  8. Employee Appreciation Day, usually the first Friday of March!
  9. Favors for Meeting with a catchy picture or card.
  10. Handwritten not in a small cookie box with M&Ms too.
the single cookie card (1)
The single cookie card (1)

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