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The Sweet Treat Cookie Card (2)

The Sweet Treat is 2 cookies in a festive box with a special card. A wonderful gift to say we are thinking of you, happy birthday and more.


Choose the card that you would like us to put on the inside of your box.

If you select a certain cookie, a minimum of two must be ordered.

Product Quantity
almond toffee chip

Heath Toffee, Guittard Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip and toasted slivered almonds!

berries and cream

Berries (Blueberries, Cherries, Cranberries) and Guittard White Chocolate, also known as Red, White and Blue! Inside scoop: This is the Donna's, the owner,  favorite cookie!

black & white

Guittard white chocolate chips with our signature Oban-infused dough offer a sweet and decadent profile.  Not like our other cookies, this is cakey and dense.

blue chip joy

Slivered almonds, coconut and Guittard semi-sweet chocolate chips.

blue chip royale

Guittard white chocolate chips, slivered almonds and Heath Toffee!

chocolate chip semi-sweet cookie

Guittard Chocolate Chip Semi-Sweet in our proprietary brown sugar dough! Award-winning. We were named the best Chocolate Chip Cookie in 12 Cities.

chocolate chip macadamia cookie

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip, Hawaiian Macadamia Pieces  

Chocolate Chip M&M Cookie

Guittard Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip and Mars Seasonal M&M.

chocolate chip pecan

Guittard Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip and Pecan pieces.  

chocolate chip walnut

Guittard semi-sweet chocolate and fresh walnut pieces.

Cinnamon delight cookie (Snickerdoodle)

Alias Snickerdoodle, pure cinnamon on the inside and outside.

coconut chew cookie

Toasted coconut and macadamia nuts.

confetti birthday cake cookie

Confetti Cake-Birthday Cake Extract with Carnival Sprinkles Inside!

deluxe cookie box

Special butter cream emulsion added to sugar dough and rolled in Oreo cookies pieces.

wheat sensitive sugar

We have found the perfect gluten free flour that is our identical flour ratio. We still use our Guittard Chocolate Chip Semi-Sweet in brown sugar dough, with real butter, eggs, and pure vanilla,

wheat sensitive sugar

Our renowned sugar dough recipe with a simple substitution of gluten free flour for our special wheat flour.  All ingredients are gluten free in the cookie, but they are made in a gluten facility.

lemon delight cookie

A sugar cookie with lemon extract and zest!

lemon meringue

Lemon Meringue is our Lemon Delight Cookie with even more of a TWIST.  We add Guittard White Chocolate!  You will twist and shout over this combination if you are a White Chocolate Lover!

milk chocolate chip cookie

Guittard Milk Chocolate in our brown sugar dough.

oatmeal raisin

Fresh oats, raisins and sprinkled with a touch of coconut.

peanut butter

Premium peanut butter and brown sugar dough.

peanut butter surprise

Premium Peanut Butter and Guittard Milk Chocolate

sugar iced with seasonal sprinkles

Iced with buttercream and dipped into seasonal sprinkles.

sugar old-fashion cookie

Sugar dough scooped and then rolled in Sugar.

sugar with sprinkles cookie

Sugar cookie dough balls rolled in seasonal sprinkles.

sugar with buttercream icing

Sugar Cookie with Buttercream Icing on top!

triple chocolate

Guittard Semi-Sweet, Oban, Milk Chocolate all in one.

white chocolate chip

Guittard White Chocolate Chip, brown sugar dough.

white chocolate macadamia cookie

Guittard White Chocolate Chips and Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Pieces.


2 Cookies ~ Pick a best-selling cookie flavor and your message! Blue Chip Cookies’ Cookie Card is perfect for a simple way to recognize employees, thank clients and referrals, customer appreciation, and special meeting favors, shipping and handling included.  Send a Blue Chip cookie card and make someone’s day! Pick ONE flavor below and then select your saying.

TIP: If sending to multiple addresses, we recommend this be done on a Desktop or Laptop versus Tablet or Mobile Devices.  In addition, register for an account with Blue Chip Cookies Direct and add all your addresses first to your address book through “My Account.” You can also do it as part of the process from the checkout page, which is outlined below.

Step 1: ADD
Add all the products you want to buy to the shopping cart. Example: You want to send 3 Premium Portfolios to 3 clients…put “3” in your shopping cart.

During checkout after you put in your billing information you will see Shipping to “Single Address” or “Multiple Addresses.” Select “Multiple Addresses.” It will automatically take you back to the shopping cart, so you configure your packages.  What products do you want to put in each box, and where do you want to send each box.

If you have not created an account and put addresses in already, you can do it now by going to the top of the page and you will see “Add Addresses.”  If you put addresses in already or we uploaded your address book for you, go to Step 4.

Step 4: “SPLIT”
“Split” your products into packages you want to send. Example, split the Premium Portfolios from “3” going to one address to “1” going to three single addresses.  You would need to split until you see the configuration you want.

Step 5: ASSIGN
Once you begin “Splitting” A column will appear on the right side where you can assign an address to each of these products. If you have two different products going to the same address, just assign that address to each product.

THEN SAVE, bottom left, once you are done.  It will take you back to CheckOut Page to personalize each gift and preferred delivery dates.  We recommend only doing 5 at a time during one transaction, more is possible, just can get too large to see on screen.