Made From The Finest Ingredients-Best Cookie Gifts Delivered!

At Blue Chip Cookies we make our cookies from scratch with real butter, real vanilla extract, premium cane sugar, whole eggs and a special milled flour just for us!  We are told by all our customers we are the best cookie gifts delivered, no question.

Our 35 gourmet cookie flavors are incredible combinations of top ingredients such as Guittard Chocolates, Macadamia Nuts from the Big Island of Hawaii (shipped in), Heath Toffee Bits, Resee Peanut Butter Chips, Mars M&Ms and more.  We add no preservatives to our cookies!   Our recipe has stood the test of time, almost 35 years!

We Bake from Scratch

Small Giant of the Gourmet Cookie Business

Every morning our team of bakers bake from scratch and hand-scoop our cookies in our stores and at the online baking facility, the old fashion way.  We believe that makes the difference!  It is what makes us the “Small Giant of the Gourmet Cookie Business.”

Bake to Perfection Just for You!

The final product goes into our special ovens to bake the “Best Gourmet Cookies!” But that is not all!  Our cookies are big and like little cakes!  Each cookie is weighed out to 2.25 ounces, 3.5 inches in diameter and full of special ingredients.

We Can Customize the Cookies or the Boxes!

Our specialty is working corporate customers or businesses to develop unique boxes for them.   We have received rave reviews as being the best corporate and business cookie gifts or cookies for marketing initiatives in the USA and Canada. Marketing with the best cookies in the country creates competitive advantage, yes!

Customized Cookies

We also customize cookies by hand!  For baseball teams, like the Kansas City Royals, or Car Dealership!  We can do it all.  We are very creative and go the extra mile to ensure we exceed expectations.  Because of the surge in business during holiday time, this is not offered unless ordered 8 weeks in advance so that we can plan.  Otherwise 3 weeks advance notice is great.

Best cookie gifts delivered

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, But a Smell and Taste of a Blue Chip Cookies is Priceless!

“But in the end, I found that some of the best cookies were the ones that you might think of first:  the big, fancy cookies from Blue Chip Cookies!  Blue Chip Cookies chocolate chip,  The Best All Around Cookie in Cincinnati!”  Polly Campbell/Cincinnati Enquirer

Best cookie gifts delivered, Best cookies near me

Everyday We Have These Cookie Flavors in the Online Bakery Case.  You can ask your local stores to make any of these flavors for you!  Click Here to see “Best cookies near me.”