The Best Cookies Delivered and Corporate Cookie Gifts Shipped

Being the best cookies delivered and corporate cookie gifts shipped is not easy to do!  Here at Blue Chip Cookies we use ONLY the best ingredients, have an incredible 35 year old recipe and customers across the country voting with their referrals and spread the word!  Our customers send us testimonials ongoing that simply say we are the best cookies and we bake everyday to deliver EXCELLENCE!

Quotes about Best Cookies

 “But in the end, I found that some of the best cookies were the ones that you might think of first:  the big, fancy cookies from Blue Chip Cookie, Blue Chip Cookies chocolate  chip,The Best All Around Cookie in Cincinnati”~~Polly Campbell, The Secret Shopper for Cincinnati Enquirer

“Best Cookies I Have Ever Tasted” —Clint Eastwood

“Simply Fantastic” –Neil Cavuto, Fox Business

“All Round Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Cincinnati”Cincinnati Enquirer

“The trouble with most chocolate chip cookies nowadays is their texture (dried out) and their chip count (not enough of ’em!). Blue Chip bakes top-quality cookies that are as light and chewy as your grandma’s — you can just taste the butter, vanilla, and brown sugar — and every bite is packed with chunks of excellent, endorphin-producing chocolate. There are 12 variations on this simple artwork — the chocolate chip-walnut is damnably good — but unless you’re enamored of coconut, macadamia nuts, peanut butter, or cranberries, why mess with perfection?” BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO®  2001  Best Cookies published: May 23, 2001

“Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Cincinnati”  Cincinnati Magazine

“The Company’s Phone Number, 1.800.888.YUMM, Lives Up to its Promise” The Nibble Magazine

 “Best Cookies in the Bay Area”   —San Francisco Focus Magazine

“Best Cookies in San Diego”   –Taste Test—ABC Channel 10

“Best Cookies in Texas” — Texas Monthly

Best cookies by mail, best cookies shipped, Blue Chip Cookies Delivers. The best cookies by mail, best cookies shipped, Blue Chip Cookies

What Make Blue Chip Cookies Different?

The picture above tells part of the story, but we have stayed true to our heritage,  no preservatives, no trans fats, only the finest ingredients: real sweet and salted butter, pure vanilla (not the imitation), and only the best chocolate, Guittard, macadamia nuts flown in from Hawaii off the farm, Ahualoa Farms, special flour, and our secret ingredient packet.  Each cookie is hand mixed, scooped, and baked to specification.

To be the “Best Cookies delivered and Corporate Cookie Gifts Shipped,” all the little things matter!  Each cookie is packaged in a proprietary bag to seal in the freshness.  FEDEX/Periship is our primary shipper to ensure the cookies are delivered on time and in excellent condition.  Our goal is to deliver your cookies to your destination within 2 business days.

Comparison Chart-It is all about the cookie experience, which includes excellent taste, unique packaging, at a great price.

Comparison Size of Cookies Ounces Cookies Per Box Ounces Total Cost/Gift Cost per ounce Packaging 2 Day Ground Shipping Cost Total Cost Total
Cost Per Ounce
Blue Chip Cookies
Premium  Asst.
2.25 oz. 14 31.5 oz. $35.00  1.11 Decorative Box   $9.95 $44.95 $1.42/oz.
made with real sweet butter
Blue Chip Cookies
Create Your Own
2.25 oz. 14 31.5 oz. $36.50  $1.15 Decorative Box  $9.95 $46.45 $1.47/oz
made with real butter
 David’s Cookies  1.5 oz 12 18 oz.  $24.95  $1.55  Red Tin with his logo  $4.95  $29.90  $1.66/oz.
Made with real butter.
Cheryl’s Cookies
Create Your Own
1.60 oz 12 19.2 oz. $32.99  $1.71 Decorative Box $12.99 $45.98 $2.39/oz.
Made with real butter
Mrs. Fields
Create Your Own
1.69 oz 12 20.28 oz. $24.99  $1.23 Decorative Box $9.99 $34.98 $1.72/oz.
Made with margarine
Christie’s Cookies 1.5 oz. 12 18 oz. $26.99  $1.49 Tin $8.95 $35.94 $1.99/oz.
Made with real butter.

Cost per ounce…Blue Chip delivers 17%-68% better cost per ounce on the cookie then any other major gourmet cookie company.

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